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At Digitcom, we offer Canadian and American businesses innovative and forward thinking solutions for all their communication needs. Serving companies of all sizes; from small (10 phones) to enterprise (up to 2500) we are a premier business telephone system specialist.
We are one of the few companies in Canada that sells both premise-based and hosted PBX solutions, as well as our unique innovative hybrid solution – Sureconnect. We look after end-to-end solutions including phone systems, hosted PBX, phone lines (PRI, SIP), cabling, networks, switches and routing, and of course, call centres and full system design.
Our team of expert advisors can assess the needs of your business and offer tailor-made end-to-end solutions to meet your unique requirements.



In a premise-based model the phone system resides at the customer’s premise. All phones connect to the phone system in the building. Digitcom’s on-premise business phone systems include Avaya and NEC.
Digitcom prides itself on being both an Avaya SMB expert and a Certified Avaya dealer.
We are one of only a select few Avaya dealers with this designation in North America!

In a premise-based model the phone system resides at the customer’s premise. All phones connect to the phone system in the building.

Easy Transition – Easy to add onto a VoIP solution, particularly if dealing with only one vendor for both.

More Control – Allows you and your IT department to maintain complete control over your network and applications.

Lower Cost of Ownership – High upfront cost, but lower cost over time in some cases.

Keeps UC and telephony on-premise when these systems are deemed too important to outsource.

Our product lines include: the Avaya IP Office, Avaya Communications Manager, and Business Edition products. We also still sell the legacy Nortel Norstar,BCM (Business Communications Manager), and Option 11C phone systems.

Our NEC product lines includes: NEC SV8100 and NEC SV8300, SL1100 business phone system.

NEC Corporation of America is a leading technology provider of strategic IT and communications solutions. Serving carrier, small-to-medium business and large enterprise clients across multiple vertical industries, NEC Corporation of America provides its customers greater access to a rich portfolio of technology and professional services, enhanced opportunities and competitive solutions.

?Digitcom has been selling and servicing the Nortel Norstar CICS, MICS, BCM 50, BCM 200, BCM 400, and BCM 450 since 1991.? ?
We have an extensive amount of both NEW and REFURB hardware.? ?
Nortel introduced the M (Meridian) sets in 1988, and replaced the M series sets in 2000 with the Business Series Terminals.?
Both the M and T series style of phones will work on all of the Nortel phone systems – this includes the old 3X8, 6X16, 8X24, and the newer CICS, MICS, and the BCM 200, BCM 400, and the new BCM 50.They will even work on the Avaya IP Office phone system.


In a Hosted PBX model the phone system resides at the data provider’s data center. Digitcom does not sell someone else’s Hosted PBX, we own the platform (which resides at 151 Front Street). We provide Polycom phones with your Hosted PBX solution.

In a Hosted PBX model all of your business’ phone lines terminate at the service bureau’s offices. Then, all of the VoIP phones in the building are terminated to the service bureau’s site by means of a data network connection. Every handset is an IP-based handset with all talking back to the phone system, which is outside of your offices.

Essential for businesses in extreme climates or where broadband service is not reliable.

Easier to Afford – Cloud has fewer upfront costs. This is ideal for businesses with limited budgets.

Reliable Budgeting – It is based on a fixed monthly cost, making it easy to budget for.

Easy to Use – Great for businesses with a small IT department – or no IT department at all!

Minimizes Complexity – Simple to deploy, regardless of the complexity of the technology.

Flexible – Easily scalable (up or down) according to the needs of the business.

Allows Virtualization – Enables cost-effective expansion and leveraging of virtual options, including outsourced telephony or remote worker support.

Easy to Update – Always up to date, ensuring you have the latest versions of applications with minimal effort.

Our Polycom product lines include: Polycom soundstation conference phones, Polycom VVX series business media phones and
Polycom SoundPoint series SIP phones.

Polycom, Inc. is a provider of unified communications (UC) solutions and a provider of
telepresence, video, voice and infrastructure solutions based on open standards. With Polycom RealPresence video and voice solutions,
from infrastructure to endpoints, people all over the world can collaborate face-to-face without being in the same physical location.
The Company has three operating segments: The Americas, which consist of North, Central and Latin Americas; Europe, Middle East and Africa,
and Asia Pacific. The products and solutions include Network Infrastructure, UC Group Systems and
UC Personal Devices, which includes desktop video devices and wireless local
area network products.