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Some of the Features that Come with our SIP Trunks Solution

Multiple area codes route to a single location

Let’s say, for example, that you want the area code 604, 514, and 613 all to route to yourToronto office phone system; with TDM (PRI and analog lines) this would be very difficult to deliver, while with SIP trunking it comes standard.

Digitcom supports a list of international destinations and can provide DID’s from the following countries.

SIP’s fail-over features

Because the SIP phone line itself arrives on a data circuit, there is considerably more flexibility with the routing of in-bound calls, meaning that it’s very easy for SIP to fail over to an alternate location. Let’s say, for instance, that yourToronto phone system is down, HostedPBX.ca can recognize the data circuit isn’t reaching its desired end point destination and we will automatically re-route the call path to an alternate data line.

Absolute resilience

SIP Trunking can be used to provide a solution with guaranteed 100% up-time. In the unlikely event that all of your SIP Trunking services are unavailable at one site, you can instantly re-route your inbound calls to any destination by redirecting calls to a number of your choice.

SIP Trunk Rationalization

Does your business have multiple sites? Do you have a PRI connection into an individual PBX at each site? By using SIP Trunking, you can reduce the number of PRI connections that your business requires and also reduce the maintenance costs on all of your various PBXs. At the remote sites you are left with just the cost of an IP connection and the handsets that you need and you can then pull all the telephony traffic back into your centralized PBX.

Remote Call Forwarding

Number flexibility with SIP Trunking means that you can keep your existing number, even when moving out of the area, saving you costs on printed company literature and stationery whilst maintaining the perception that you still have a presence in the area you’ve moved from.

Not only that, but SIP Trunking also increases your resilience because you can build an automatic fail over system into your communications strategy for lines and calls, should your main site go down. With SIP Trunking you can instantly centralize and distribute the calls somewhere else, to another site or to home workers for example.

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Whether it’s a hosted PBX or on-premise, installing a new business phone system affects everyone from the warehouse shop floor to the president.

Digitcom sells premise-based, cloud business phone systems, hosted VoIP PBX, SIP trunking service, back-up redundancy, and hybrid solutions with a keen sense of how to make it all work.

There are lots of hosted PBX service providers to choose from. What sets us apart is our extensive VoIP experience with over 20 years in the business. Our head office is in Toronto, Canada, however we service business phone system and clients across the country, with satellite support offices in other cities including Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Halifax. Do your homework. Ask around. Digitcom is a leading provider of voice and data solutions. We have won numerous awards over the years, including the prestigious CDN Top 100 Solution Providers of 2011, Avaya Business Partner of the Year for 2010, and Avaya’s New Acquisitions Award for 2012.

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A message from the President

Digitcom has been selling and servicing phone system solutions since 1991. We look after the end to end solution including the phones system itself, hosted PBX, SIP trunks, cabling, networks,
switches and routing, QoS, and of course, call centers and full system design. We service and have presence in all major Canadian cities including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Halifax and Winnipeg.

Please give us a call. 855-848-1668. We bring experience and an unwavering commitment to complete customer satisfaction on every project we do. We pride ourselves on our reputation. You will be happy. I personally guarantee it.

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